Adesina Ayobami Idris

For The Girl Who Owns My Childhood

Somewhere in osun
a boy wakes into
the sound from his
lover’s throat — her songs

he fell in love
with a pretty girl
with tiny mouth
that could make
his mother rise
from her crippled chair

he’s patiently waiting
for his sickly sister
to make morning meal
before he rides his
paper plus rope cab to
his lover’s house —

to see legs & moving heads
in their coloured television

his father is a picture
drawn in epitaph

his mother is a memory
on a wheel chair

— his home is at war
with wind his father
ate his breath to catch

but he, with his thumb-like dream
& little knowledge of nothing
feels safe in his lover’s body


Adesina Ayobami Idris is a Nigerian poet who writes from the uphills of Ilorin. His works have appeared and are forthcoming on Nanty greens, Ace world, Minute magazine. He lives in a house surrounded by tall trees and singing birds.

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