Benny Biesek


Back before me, case in point:
How apes like men destroy. The candelabra
Cleaned and dreamt-up, seance in a paper
Cup, a tin man out back trying his luck.

Say you’ll remember, how dawn becomes
Reckless, how caged mutes shout out
And gesture.

In the end no silent treatment, no plots
To overthrow the watershed mark. In
The end spilled lozenge and a token to ken.

Survive the wreckage, yes, we can. Can
Sardines, yes, we can. The world on
The verge, yes, why not.

Back before me, back to the wind:
How men devour like trophy cases.
How the seance was born famous.
The days, never-ending, never end.

The parlance of the watchtower. The
Americans, shut-down. The end,
Be it tomorrow or today, comes, cleans.


Benny Biesek is a reader for Frontier Poetry and Tilde: A Literary Journal. His work has appeared online and in print, including previously with Peeking Cat Poetry. He resides in California.

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