Carol Louise Moon


All that is beautiful,
deer in the world
and meadows, too.
There was a bird
who flew only once
and then no more.
Winds that sweep
through the channel—
the same winds
that keep birds airborne—
winds which form sandstone
sculptures. I know of these
winds which form sandstone,
that keep birds airborne.
The same winds
through the channel—
winds that sweep,
and then no more.
Who flew only once?
There was a bird
and meadows, too.
Deer in the world—
all that is beautiful.



Carol Louise is a Northern California poet published in many regional poetry journals including SACRAMENTO VOICES, and also in Ohio and Missouri poetry society anthologies, as well as PEEKING CAT issues and anthologies. She is a regular contributor to Medusa’s Kitchen. When not composing poetry she is busy doing Simulated Client Acting work for several local universities.

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