Juliette Sebock

Fur Baby I once blocked a girl on Facebook who said,in a conversation entirely separate from me, that she didn’t understandwhy someone would give up a relationshipif their partner asked them to get rid of their pet. I told myself I didn’t want that kind of negativity,even just in my digital life. In that same […]

Bruce McRae

Wink Was it the mote in God’s eye?An errant spark or eyelash?Is wink the root of ‘twinkle’? That look on Daddy saying,‘you’re a mighty fine girl’.The sly rebus of I.C.U..The coded quick nudge between us;hale and hearty co-conspiratorsunseen by the spy of patsy.The wink says ‘you’re in on it’,‘you know what I mean’, ‘it’s time’. […]

Clarinda Harriss

In My Basement Are Many Galoshes If it were not so, my clever terrier would godigging for other treasure. But here come grayand moldy boots for our walks on sloppy days. I shove my feet through the cobwebs. Kilo,thank you for these, also for sniffing out the blazerI’d thought lost to the trunk of teenage […]

Samuel Guest

Cherophobia i fought against love until we both lost it terrified me to think about what would have happened if you had swept me away  Wet Flowers there are fewthings as romanticas wet flower bulbsdrooping after the rain little droplets sliding gracefully down each stem falling to the ground without making a sound  Between the […]

Karen Wolf

Green fleshes out a leaf and bladesof grass along walk ways peopled with olive-skinnedtourists, inhaling a copper green-sheen glazedskyscraper. It skitters across a pond on a frog’sback before turning brown as an eye-bulging headdives into mud to escape a blue heron beak. Lightbrown bark calls up cemetery dirt shoveled on a pine boxthree rows from […]

Sarah Wallis

Catching the Startle (in a Bronze Age Amber Cup) A circle of ambered light glimmers secrets of robin fire, holding past fly swarms, sunk into time in the resinous light that was their ruin, is warm with the memory of camp songs, woodcutting and axe grinding, the close of the backbreaking day, the cup contains […]

Robert Halleck

The Cousin You look like you soundhe tells her through the hug making years fade away.Years of Christmas cards, promises, schedules, distance,until shortened days, growing desire for closure, clarity,make a visit needed. Years fade away in a hug—a hug that goes on and on as if death awaited its end. The Shed A grass clotted […]

Guy Biederman

Lick the World Clean Waking up the line of a poem                      disappears with other dreams and ideas in your head. Go on, the line says — you get up, I’ll hang here for awhile.                     You make coffee, feeling like you left money on the table, feeling like the scotch that seemed so essential […]

Adesina Ayobami Idris

For The Girl Who Owns My Childhood Somewhere in osuna boy wakes into the sound from his lover’s throat — her songs he fell in lovewith a pretty girlwith tiny mouththat could make his mother risefrom her crippled chair he’s patiently waitingfor his sickly sisterto make morning mealbefore he rides hispaper plus rope cab to […]

Jennifer Lothrigel

Hiding This morning I feel likea red gum ball, fallen into a river shaped sidewalk crack,mourning mishapsand pleasure. I want to dissolve my outsides colorfully in the palmof a stranger’s hand. I want to feel languageagainst the soft pliable form of my body,colorless, expanding beyond old forms,naked in someone’s mouth. Little Clear Wing I placed […]