Lisa Stice

Out of Banishmentfor Leonor López de Córdoba your words transcribed (réplica)not quite the same as your ownlost from San Pablo at Córdoba lost like su familia locked awaylost like a promise of safety afterlong years imprisoned in darkness lost favor of Catalina of Lancastersepan cuantos esta escriptura vierenfire of the spirit survives in memories * […]

Miki Byrne

Boot Tapping for Winter. Cold begins to nibble. Leaves take on autumn colour and I resurrect my boots. Haul every pair like treasure, from dark cupboards and storage space under the bed. The pair I keep for dog-walking still carries last winter’s mud. Left in the euphoria of coming sunshine, thoughts of long dresses swishing […]

Dan A. Cardoza

My Raised Amnesia Garden I built it out of redwood, hot-dipped galvanized bolts, half inch washers, hexed nuts, 4×6 redwood corner posts. I am almost sure it’s just for me, now that it’s nearly complete. It’s time to compost the raised garden. Avocado skins, carrot tops, forgiveness, chickenmanure, layers of moldy onion skin too. And […]

Aremu Adams Adebisi

A poem with a matrimonial bed I hate it when my poem flings me like a waifand I have just given it, you know, a lush treat. The synthesis of panjandrums, twittering soundof paid flesh, corsetted curves, flecked pudenda, and the in-house experience of fucking an ingenue,with an eye for the insane and the louche, […]

Keana Labra

Unsent You may laugh as I feign formalitythough, the world does not know of the trees climbed. How vividly I can reimagine your wild-eyes, brimming with shock as I peeked at you from above. I always assumed you would be seated beside me. I should have counted the trails of ants a little longer, traced […]

Memories at My Fingertips by David Norwood

            I scroll through posts with my thumb and stop on a picture of an old friend. He’s sitting next to a young woman, and they’re both smiling for the camera. The girl is probably in her late twenties and has a familiar face.             His daughter.             I hadn’t seen her since she was […]

C. R. Smith

Unsocial Media Open the blind and unfold the daywhile the water boils and we waitfor coffee to wake us up properly —nobody speaks.  Eyes locked on our phoneshands searching blindly for mugsfingers swiping at screens, scrolling  through messages, reading repliesopening texts, answering emails, retweeting tweets, posting  Instagram images of bowls bursting with cereal we’ve no time to eat. […]

Carol Louise Moon

My Cameo Pin             “White against a ruddy cliff you stand, chalcedony on sard.”THE CAMEO, Edna St. Vincent Millay White against a ruddy cliff you standon a rock in the surf of the bay.  Timehas engraved this image of you. A cameo pin sticks in a groove of myheart.  Black is the ribbon which bindsup […]

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon

 Iris She always fed the birds,her one commitment after Fred died.When she started to forget – her son appeared from far away. He couldn’t leave her aloneand took her back to his remote place,inland from Aberdeen When her house was clearedthe half-full tub of fat ballsbalanced on her bible.The van, piled high,wobbled off down the […]

Kersten Christianson

Minus Tide Beneath the full moonof a flashlight’s beam:starfish hatchery. Tiny five-armed starsbed among sea grass, the rocking cradle of tidal current.The expanse of beachmirrors the black sky and we, raingear-garbedmarvel at low tidecreatures, the moment,of being alive. Bio Kersten Christianson is a raven-watching, moon-gazing, Alaskan. When not exploring the summer lands and dark winter […]