Carol Louise Moon

Wind All that is beautiful,deer in the worldand meadows, too.There was a birdwho flew only onceand then no more.Winds that sweepthrough the channel—the same windsthat keep birds airborne—winds which form sandstonesculptures. I know of thesewinds which form sandstone,that keep birds airborne.The same windsthrough the channel—winds that sweep,and then no more.Who flew only once?There was a […]

Adrian Slonaker

Foot Rubs Rub us!Her pale toes wiggle ashe grips each one withproper respect, never slipping a digitbetween them because those spaces arethe mouths of the feet,and he wouldn’t want them to gag.The massages have been guaranteed each evening,once her keys collapse on the counterand her flats are flung off, for two decades bookended bystudent ramen […]

Julie Sampson

Solstice This process of decayquickens, the heart beatcomes too close, too close. You tell me on the phoneyour patient has died, at last,you heard his final breath, folded his wrinkled handsholding on, not letting go. Here, paint flakes, doorsrefuse to shut, windows warpand out through cracked glass pinks and white-rose petalsphotosynthesise, then fall in shreds. […]

Luke Kuzmish

lamb of god Kaity has lipstick on her teethjust an imperfectionthat I don’t mention there’s a baby faced kidkissing a train wreck stolen on her cheekbetween total ignoranceof the present. Her coughis hoarseand her life is measuredin hard yearsfreebase yearsshoplifting yearsand time in between jail sentencesfamily interventionsand maternal disappointments & then there’s BrandonI’ll miss him […]

Paul Lojeski

hospital visit I long for the high cliff above a battering sea, the long fast drop in slashing winds, the howl of exit quickly made, not cemented into these beds, vacant eyes locked into sharp lights, a mob of IVs jammed into emaciated arms, truth rough handled,contorted by white coated messengersdelivering death’smissives, reports ofthe body’s […]

Len Kuntz

The Next One Did he kiss you first?What were his hands doing?Were the lights dim or bright?Did he notice one eye is bigger,one tooth slightly longer?Were there splotches?Did your air catch, your chest clutch?Did many freckles dance?How much time was allotted for staring?What scents did he notice?Did he ask, “Have you ever…?”Did he ask, “What […]

Andrew Dooley

Bio Andrew Dooley is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a BA in English/Creative Writing. He has a self-published collection of poetry titled Shine Walker, and his first published poem titled “flicker”, can be found in Visitant Lit Magazine.

Dr. Susie Gharib

Release Death was omnipresent in my childhood.It had claimed many dear ones, my dog,but it took Catherine and Heathcliff on the Yorkshire moorsto make me ponder over the metaphysical coreof such inevitability that most people abhor. Emily Dickinson drove with Death in a carriagebut in an oven Sylvia Plath held her rendezvous.Virginia Woolf embraced it […]

Jonathan Douglas Dowdle

Sooner Sooner the wind’s songPassing through the leavesEarly in the morningWhere the sun lays the heat of its headAgainst the earth andOne might wakenTo see the earth take shapeWithin your eyesTo be blessed with a thousand namesSpoken into creation;Yes, these are the momentsTruth is born from, and without themIt doesn’t exist. Bio Jonathan Douglas Dowdle […]

George Anderson

4 Leaf Clovers At the backdoorI wear ice skatesshiny blue pantswith white stripesred socks strappedto each thigh &protective pads. I kick at the doorYou are by the woodstove chopping kindlingthe kitchen smells goodof apple pie and I listento the crackling fire asyou tug off my right skateand then the other. In my head I’m still […]