Victoria Pickup

Irretrievable The beach is a vast realm of endless losses.Things dropped by carefree people holding hands are clawed into the fist of a wave, fizzing and frothing as trailing footsteps dissolve into soupy sand,the dust of pebbles held in a long-dead hand.Something that matters is taken andredistributed to some unreachable land. On the ferry, back […]

Garry Meek

Grimm Through woods at twilight, night creatures stir. An owl’s head hits your gut like a monster, flyingUnder the tree top canopy. Fox stalks through the bushes. If I was felled & dying, what it would do? Getting to town and seeing a dog walker feels like finding an axe cutter in Grimm…If you’ve been […]

Ananya S Guha

This Way A Burning This way a burning a turning of fingers a winter’s bitethis way a turning, burninga tuning of the warmth a dash of rain and even summers will not melt in the winter’s frost a hum, a drumbeat this way taking a turn towards burnt shadows a whisper of the windmemoirs cast […]

Ndaba Sibanda

In The Heart Of Glory And Gladness Have you ever had the pleasure of observing the behavior of the wild—the elephants—in their natural habitat? A lumbering spectacle! Have you ever had a desire to hang out with guyslike the turtle? Chatting with him, taking him to lunch– perhaps, feeding and cleaning him. That would be […]

Javed Latoo

We are often lost We are often lost,in the thickness of thin things,in the weed of our thoughts. We often tread through life like ants tread on an elephant:close to the skin, lost in the wrinkles; but completely oblivious, of the whole elephant, of the big picture. Bio Javed Latoo is a senior medical practitioner and a medical editor based in the […]

Paul Sladky

The Day John Lennon Died We spent the afternoon making loveon Flannery O’Connor’s bed,ambling through the spring-fed pondin the upstairs history of the world,the crutches leaning on the bookcasein the shadows of the green and purple hat,and both of us wearing all our clothes Somehow we managed to steer clearof that forbidden providence,except the brief […]

Ada Pelonia

chosen you ask,why can’t people love me,like me for who i am,understand me the wayi do to others,listen to what i say,support me for the very least,see my relevance, & appreciate me? someone says,come,i’m here,i’ll listen to what you haveburied in your heart /orin your mind/ i’ll embrace you,see past your flaws orthe names they’ve […]

Beth McCallum

cutting you slice onions in the kitchen shoulder up against another girl’s you laugh through wet eyes when i enter the room, you turn and fill me in. the knife glides through the papery shell claps off the cutting board lifts, squirts down again, breaks apart the vegetable. my eyes are dry my laugh contained […]

James Croal Jackson

Airport Protest in a Crumbling America We march through the airport in cold winds chanting aluminum fists in the air and when we come home the Fireball bottle is empty. The chimney is covered in dust and Johnny has pneumonia for the second time this year, lungs filled with water but no one else breathes […]

James Roberts

Cigarette Lift leafwith fingertip.Fill, roll, lick. Then flick, clickteeth and flintgrit. Flame bobs, quiverssteadiessits. Both held, one desiresthe othertouch it. So in turn, paper singesFor a second first.Then burns. Spark, cracklepaper crisped. Purse lipspull deepand the long exhale. You’re held,grounded.For that moment. Bus Ride in December Red dot needles.Outlines of masts on moortops. Rolls of […]