Steve Denehan

Doubled OverFor Auntie Ellen Childhood would have been halvedwithout herin the velvet dark of the cinemaperched on the edge of our seatsfistfuls of popcorn frozen in the airas we watched, unblinkingsmall aliensenormous explosionscars chasingbuildings fallingtwice, if we wanted to she would take us to Burgerland on O’Connell Streetlong since goneand we would gorge on milkshakes […]

Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah

—Of God’s Twitter Handle. //Brother, you’ve submerged yourself from heaven’s gawking of your name. Breathing a song here. Writing a verse there. Throwing your weight after drone survey and every lesson learnt after downloading a portrait of yourself from the internet.  Heaven is calling you from the rigorous pulsation of your mother’s hefty heart beats. Today […]