Writer Interview: Dimitri Reyes

Dimitri Reyes

When and why did you first start writing?

Writing has been a journey I dismissed like several other things that helped me grow into who I currently am. I’ve always written because of school and I was pretty good at it, or at least that is what my teachers and report card said. I would say that writing poetry didn’t become something that I would consider a great skill until my junior year of college. Up until this point I only had written essays of the academic variety, besides the picture prompts we were mandated to write in the U.S throughout middle school and high school. Writing became important to me my junior year, when I was taking “Literature of Social Protest” with political theorist, Barbara Foley, while taking my first creative writing class that junior year where I read poetry from the likes of E.E. Cummings, William Carlos Williams, Hart Crane, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Amiri Baraka just to name few.

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Writer Interview: David Attree

David Attree

When and why did you first start writing?

I have written poems and rhymes from an early age and have always linked rhythms to words to help me learn things. I love playing with words; I love the silliness and fun you can create by observing everyday life, playing with your imagination and telling silly tales. I also relish using words to create and change the moods of the readers. At various times, I have had people tell me they have laughed, thought differently, or even cried after reading some of my poems, and the fact that can happen just by placing ink on a page in a certain order just makes me tick!

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Writer Interview: Marvel Chukwudi Pephel

When and why did you first start writing?

Sam, this is a tricky question. The when seems not to be well-defined, but I remember writing captions for my cartoons when I was around nine. I wrote my first meaningful poem when I was in secondary school (SSS 1 to be precise). The particulars of the why, I think, lies within the circle of a burning imagination and a quest to find my purpose in life. So far so good, I love the joy that comes from creating a new poem or a new story.

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