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Got Cats?

Hands up who has cats? Do they help or hinder your writing?

Sam ~ Peeking Cat Editor >^..^<

No cats, children, dogs. Only thing I have is my softtoy minion. Love all of the above. Don't want to kill my cat by putting it in a small apartment all day.

I have a black and white.  She's awesome and is great to cuddle and she follows me around a lot which is cute, but she sometimes sits on my laptop and messes up things.  Black and whites are the best kitties.  Their personality is very dog-like.  They are very friendly and smart.

For almost one year I am trying that my assignment writing page approved from Google but still no luck. 3 ways you have described I couldn’t apply these yet might be these will be workable for me. Going to try these ways and will update you in this regard.