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How much do you edit your poems?

When I'm writing a story I tend to spend a long time going back to it and editing it, but when I write poetry, I usually work on a poem in one session and declare it done. Not sure if this is a bit weird! How many drafts do you do of your poems?

Sam ~ Peeking Cat Editor >^..^<

It depends on the poem, but usually I write a poem and have to let is sit for awhile.  Then I go back and edit it.  I then take it to a writer's group and see what they have to say about it.  I like to read my poetry out loud and see how it sounds.  That usually tells me how to proceed.

Reading your poetry out loud is a great tip!

Sam ~ Peeking Cat Editor >^..^<

In fact, I pay a lot of attention to how to write correctly and beautifully. I try to study on the available forums or look for the necessary information here