Garry Meek


Through woods at twilight, night creatures stir.
An owl’s head hits your gut like a monster, flying
Under the tree top canopy.
Fox stalks through the bushes.
If I was felled & dying, what it would do?
Getting to town and seeing a dog walker feels like finding an axe cutter in Grimm…
If you’ve been affected by any issues in this episode of Countryfile, then howl at the Moon. Will do about as much good as phoning. In the long run…
In the dark.


Garry Meek is a 41 year old writer who enjoys writing music, plays and comedy. He has received plaudits for his writing and creativity. He enjoys bringing musicality into his poetry, where every word and phrase is picked with clarity and precision. He likes poems that are short so as to stay in the memory and be savoured like little gems. Above all, he wants his poetry to be enjoyed.

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