Kenneth Pobo

An Accident

Raylene met Skip in high school,
thought he was cool, despite a rumor
that he had killed his cousin Lena. Oh well,
surely it was an accident. He wouldn’t turn

violent, would he? They married
when she was 20, he 21. It’s been crummy,
she thinks, but fears
it’s probably worse alone—

like her Aunt Flynn who sees the Virgin
in her mashed potatoes and prays
to meet someone as she spoons on gravy.

Skip Drives

Driving is the one time
when I’m free. I’m not married
on a road, no one’s son,
no one’s employee. I know
side roads from Joplin to Kansas City,
more fun than highways. Towns

pop up like prairie dogs.
On a great day I find a diner
with great burgers or shakes–
when I die maybe I’ll be
a perfectly made French fry.

I might be buried in my car
if gravediggers widen the hole.
My wife carps that I’m nuts. I don’t
disagree. About this.

She’s happiest indoors, staying
In our parlor which she decorates
with thrift shop dolls. I’m stared at
in a doll zoo. I go out

to my 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS,
an angel that knows
where good eats are,
what tunes to blast forever.

Long Sleep

Raylene believes that all of her cats
will go to Heaven. Skip says no,

they just go and that’s that. She
says cockroaches don’t go to Heaven—
why would God want them crawling up
gold streets, living in tidy mansions?
Skip says cockroaches might get
a better place than most people—
who are mean, lazy, and arrogant.
Raylene says that Skip is mean,
lazy, and arrogant. He says yes,
but I don’t care about Heaven—
it sounds like a kid’s game
where only the athletes get picked.

Raylene holds their cat Huzzah
and says he will be going to Heaven
even if Skip won’t be there. Huzzah
cries to eat. Fed, he takes a long sleep,
heaven in be a an chair.


Kenneth Pobo has a book of prose poems forthcoming from Clare Songbirds Publishing House called The Antlantis Hit Parade. Yavanika Press just published a 15-poem chapbook of his haiku and tanka called Threads. His work has appeared in: Brittle Star, Amsterdam Review, Hawaii Review, and elsewhere.

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