Miki Byrne

Boot Tapping for Winter.

Cold begins to nibble.
Leaves take on autumn colour
and I resurrect my boots.
Haul every pair like treasure,
from dark cupboards
and storage space under the bed.
The pair I keep for dog-walking
still carries last winter’s mud.
Left in the euphoria of coming
sunshine, thoughts of long dresses
swishing over bare feet.
I line winter boots like soldiers
on parade: Black, grey, brown, tall
and ankle length.
Lift them one by one.
Tip them upside down
and hold them by the heel.
Beat each boot with a wooden spoon,
where sole meets foot.
Wallop it hard all round.
My heart thumps faster as I
remain alert.
Watch the floor for a spider
to drop out.


Miki has had two poetry collections and a pamphlet published, plus over 500 poems included in poetry magazines/anthologies. She was a finalist for Gloucestershire’s Poet Laureate and a nominee for the Pushcart Prize. Miki has read on TV and on Radio many times. She also ran a poetry writing group at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury. Miki is disabled and now lives near Tewkesbury. Gloucestershire, UK.

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