Writing Prompt: Write Your Own Happy Place

I think everyone should have their own happy place. Somewhere where we can retire by ourselves, or be surrounded by loved ones, or even complete strangers - whatever works for us. A place where we can either forget about our problems or give ourselves the time and space we need to reflect and analyse. A place that means something, somewhere that just feels good. A happy place is a part of taking time for ourselves and having some me-time. Everyone needs that.

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Book Review: How Not To Write A Novel

There are thousands of books aimed at writers, that promise to show us the secrets to writing and getting published. In fact, just by doing a quick search on Amazon, I found 86,000 printed titles under the heading of Writing in the Reference section. And people have many different ideas about how to make your writing better, from the snowflake planning technique to deleting every last one of your commas. It can be difficult to wade through all of this material and find something that resonates and works for you. One book I bought back when it was released in 2009 is “How Not To Write A Novel” by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark, which is a great resource that certainly stands the test of time and is very helpful.

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Call Yourself A Writer? Here’s Why You Should

This blog has been written to give you one piece of advice today: call yourself a writer.
It took me a while to learn this myself, perhaps because there are some misconceptions about what a ‘real writer’ is. Tell someone you are a writer and they might say “have you been published?” or “might I have read anything you’ve written?” And if the answer to these two questions is no, we might feel kind of like frauds by calling ourselves writers.


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What’s New At Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine?

In December, when I was thinking about how I would spend my time off in those days between Christmas and New Year, I decided that 2017 was going to be a great year for Peeking Cat. On Christmas Eve, I was even sitting in my living room writing a business plan, and in the days that followed after Christmas I was busy working on my ideas. What started out as a small hobby on the side, and publishing a new issue whenever I had enough good quality poems to do so, has turned into a monthly activity that I love and that other people enjoy too. And I want it to be even bigger.

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