Call Yourself A Writer? Here’s Why You Should

This blog has been written to give you one piece of advice today: call yourself a writer.
It took me a while to learn this myself, perhaps because there are some misconceptions about what a ‘real writer’ is. Tell someone you are a writer and they might say “have you been published?” or “might I have read anything you’ve written?” And if the answer to these two questions is no, we might feel kind of like frauds by calling ourselves writers.


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What’s New At Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine?

In December, when I was thinking about how I would spend my time off in those days between Christmas and New Year, I decided that 2017 was going to be a great year for Peeking Cat. On Christmas Eve, I was even sitting in my living room writing a business plan, and in the days that followed after Christmas I was busy working on my ideas. What started out as a small hobby on the side, and publishing a new issue whenever I had enough good quality poems to do so, has turned into a monthly activity that I love and that other people enjoy too. And I want it to be even bigger.

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Writer Interview: Michael Lee Johnson

Welcome to the first Writer Interview on the Peeking Cat blog! We’re starting off this new series of interviews with some words from the man who inspired me to start this. Michael Lee Johnson is a prolific writer who has been published in Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine several times and has had hundreds of poems published over the years. Learning about how widely published he is, I wondered what his process is when it comes to submitting his work to literary magazines. I thought an interview would be the best way to find out and share this knowledge with Peeking Cat readers, and so the first interview was born. And then I thought how interesting it would be to hear from lots of different writers and find out what motivates them, how they feel about writing, and what their writing dreams are. So every week we will be posting an interview with a different writer.

With no further ado, here is the interview with Michael Lee Johnson!

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