Submission Guidelines

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We are temporarily closed for submissions.

Please read these before submitting!

Peeking Cat Anthology 2018

We are currently not accepting submissions for the Peeking Cat Anthology 2018. The below guidelines apply to the anthology as well as the magazine, and we are open for anthology submissions until 31st August 2018. Please clearly indicate whether your submission is for the anthology or the magazine when emailing us. For the anthology we are also accepting artwork and photography, but please bear in mind that in the print copies of the book these will be published in black and white only.

Magazine Submissions

When is the deadline?

We are temporarily closed for submissions to the magazine.

What can I send?

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine accepts all forms of poetry, with the only exceptions being themes of a particularly violent or erotic nature. We also accept fiction under 1,000 words. Though cats are in our name, they are not the only subject we publish – a cat poem once in a while is quite fitting but we publish work on a variety of topics!

Please send either a Word document or work in the body of the email. No PDFs please – these are difficult for me to edit!

We accept simultaneous submissions but please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to withdraw a piece from consideration – it’s very disappointing for us to send an acceptance email, only to receive a reply saying the work is no longer available for publication.

By submitting your work, you are confirming you are happy for us to publish it unless you withdraw it. We do have a quick turnaround time so sometimes you may receive an acceptance email and find that the magazine is published a few hours later.

We receive a lot of submissons, so it may take some time for us to get back to you. If you haven’t heard from us after three months, please feel free to enquire about your submission.

How many pieces of work can I send?

You may send us up to three poems and two stories. If you send more than three poems, only the first three will be read – there’s only so much time in the day! Please send only one email containing the maximum of three poems and two stories, either in the body of the email or as one document.

Please do not send multiple emails, and don’t send more submissions until you have received a response to those you have already sent.

Will I be paid?

Please note that regretfully, we are currently unable to offer payment, whether in the form of complimentary copies or monetary. However, each magazine issue will be made available to download for free, so you can still see your work when it is published.

Do I need to send you my biography?

Yes, please send a short author biography which will appear in the About The Authors section of the magazine. This only needs to be a couple of sentences, so don’t go crazy! You can even send us a link to your website which I will place under the Authors section of the Peeking Cat Poetry website. If you don’t send your bio with your submission we’ll need to ask you for it which can sometimes delay publication, so please do remember to put it in your email along with your submissions.

What about the legal bit?

For pieces we publish, you grant us non-exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute and sell copies of the work in printed form and online in the English language throughout the world.

Your work will be printed exactly as you have sent it and only the font type and size will be changed to conform with the style of the magazine. We may edit the work if we find anything we believe to be a spelling or grammar error, and in this case your work will be sent back to you to make sure you are happy with the changes. Any italics, underlined, bold, etc. will be exactly as you have emailed them to me.

You may publish your work in other mediums if you choose, and any compensation you receive from other mediums remains yours in whole.

Where can I buy the magazine?

The magazine will be available to purchase on See the issues page for links to all previous publications.

Happy with all that? Great! Send your submissions to

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By submitting your work to Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine you are agreeing to the above guidelines.