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Please note that as the magazine is currently on hiatus, subscriptions are not available right now. Please check back later.

Do you read Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine every month? If so, you may be interested to know that we now offer subscriptions!

Starting from March, you can subscribe to the magazine on a rolling basis. This means you won’t need to place your order on every month – just set up your subscription and we’ll do everything else to make sure you never miss an issue of your favourite* literary magazine.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll receive a print copy of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine on your doorstep every month.
  • If you subscribe on or after the 25th of the month, your subscription will start with the following month’s magazine. So for example, today is the 28th January. If you were to set up your subscription today, the first magazine you would receive would be the March issue, released at the end of February.
  • Because the magazine will still be coming from and Lulu’s shipping rates are different in each country, subscription costs are slightly different depending on where you live. Wherever you are, your PayPal account will be charged in Great British Pounds (GBP). The prices are as follows:

o   UK and Ireland – £5.98

o   USA – £6.24

o   Australia – £7.78

  • Before you press subscribe below, please make sure you’ve selected the correct country from the drop-down box.
  • If you live outside of these countries, please email and provide your mailing address so we can figure out shipping costs.
  • You’ll receive an email every month to confirm your payment and to let you know when your copy is on its way.
  • Payment for subscriptions is accepted through PayPal only.
  • You can cancel your subscription any time (find out how to do this here). If you cancel after your payment for the month has already been taken, you’ll receive the next issue you have paid for, and then your subscription will come to an end.
  • Please note the subscription does not include any copies of the Peeking Cat Anthology, or any eBooks/free downloads.

Free Gift

As a special thank you for becoming a subscriber, you will receive an eBook, Blinking Cursor’s Blank Page Handbook. Created by the Peeking Cat Poetry editor, the book contains ideas for finding inspiration when writer’s block sets in, as well as advice provided by fellow writers. The eBook will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Ready to subscribe? Just use the button below! If you have any questions, email the editor at

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