Writer Interview: Fiona Sinclair

This week our writer interview is with poet Fiona Sinclair! I hope you’re finding it as interesting as I am, discovering all these different writers, what their habits and inspirations are, and what backgrounds they have.

When and why did you first start writing?

I started writing in my 20s but then teaching killed the love of literature. Then I became ill with a balance disorder so had to give up teaching. Being house bound funnily enough freed me up to start writing again.

Who is most supportive about your writing?

My husband and close friend are the two most su­­­pportive. My husband always comes to gigs and keeps my confidence up especially when I am flagging as a writer.

Tell me about your new collection.

Previously I have always written with a strong autobiographical stance but my new collection ‘A Talent for Hats ‘ is the first time I have used a theme namely our emotional engagement with what we wear. I interviewed friends, relatives and others to get their take on this .

Where do you write? Do you have a writing space or a particular process/routine?

I write in bed.   It is a throwback from my bad health days . I always work in the morning finding I am freshest then . I need a strong mug of coffee , lots of plain paper and pencils.

What’s your favourite word?

My favourite word is ‘visceral’.

What do you find the most difficult or challenging about writing?

The greatest challenge for me is to actually get going. Years ago it was great fun but now it is a grind. I have to push myself knowing that the end product is worth it to me.  It also keeps me sane so I need to remember that it has a therapeutic role as well.

Tell me about the piece of work that you are most proud of writing, or about the writing accomplishment you are most proud of.

I took a punt and wrote a poem about a gay friend imaging what his life was like as a gay man in Sheffield in the 70s. I sent it to him and I was spot on – moreover, he loved the poem .

What are your writing plans, goals or dreams for the future?

My dreams are to improve as a writer. I also want to keep getting books published.

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